Lanmor Services will provide you comprehensive project management from start to finish with a dedicated project manager who will work closely with you throughout the life of your project. Our PMs are highly trained and knowledgeable on the specifications for both Division 8 (Hollow Metal and Aluminum Frames, Doors, Windows and Hardware) and Division 28 (Electronic Safety and Security). Our Engineering team supports our Sales, Project Management and Field Technicians teams with technical expertise and system integration guidance.
Your PM will stay in touch with you regarding your project from the moment that you have approved the work to be done and provide the following services:
  • Gives a single point of contact throughout all of the stages of your project so that you can always be certain that the Lanmor Employee that you are working with is familiar with your specific site and product.
  • Keep you updated on the lead time and estimated arrival dates of all materials necessary to complete your project.
  • Work with you to set up a convenient installation schedule in order minimize any disruptions to your flow of business.
  • Assist in obtaining any permits that may be required such as ceiling permits, ICRA permits and hot work permits.
  • Ensure that your product will be installed by experienced professionals who are screened and certified for that product. What’s more, we conduct background checks of all installers to ensure your safety and security.
  • Follow your project through completion, punch lists and final close outs.



Professional. Worry Free. Reliable.
Lanmor Services recognizes that you want to be confident about the choices you make in the selection and application of the doors and hardware in your commercial building designs. To meet your expectations we have on staff specialists ready to help you streamline and improve the quality of your construction projects. Let our qualified Consultants properly prepare your Hardware, Access Control, Burg and CCTV Specifications. It is all about getting the job done right the first time!
What makes our specification services unique?
  • Specifications will be designed to the owner’s requirements.
  • Specifications will not be influenced by manufacturers.
  • Will provide multiple equals and no product substitutes as directed.
  • A fair and balanced specification.
  • Keeping Specifications Current
NFPA 101: Life Safety Code®
NFPA 80: Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives
Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
At Lanmor Services we have only one goal: “Your Unique Needs are Our Commitment”. We are able to deliver on that goal, because we have invested employees, who are trained to listen and respond with the appropriate questions and actions. If you have not had the opportunity to work closely with us on your previous construction projects, we invite you to do so on your next project.
As an architect, you demand the highest quality. That is why Lanmor Services’ specification writing service is for you. Our staff has worked with architects and general contractors on a wide range of types of projects including office buildings, schools, hotels, hospitals, and detention facilities.
Our specification writers are specialists in the field. With our experience, we can design specification based on your requirements and ensure they meet all building, fire, ADA and lifesafety codes.
Dealing with our spec writers is easier than ever today. Working online with e-mail eliminates any lag in waiting for your important documents. You can e-mail your drawings to us and we will handle printing them on site ourselves! We then can send your specification via e-mail and you will have it in your hands in a matter of minutes!



The experienced staff here at Lanmor Services can design any type of system that you have in mind, from a single door with a manual lock to an entire building or campus needing access control, auto doors, doors and door hardware, CCTV and burg systems.
We here at Lanmor pride ourselves not only our ability to provide and install each product category we offer, but our ability to integrate ALL of these products into one functioning system that allows our clients to keep their buildings safe and secure.
After designing and installing a custom system for your needs, Lanmor Services will train your staff on how to use and maintain all equipment in order to prolong the life of your product.



Services – Digital Video
An effective digital or network digital video system can play an important role in a security system in several ways:
  • As a surveillance tool it can continually monitor an area and provide archived video for review at a later time including possible use for identifying to assist in prosecuting.
  • As an assessment tool, it can operate in conjunction with an access control or intrusion system to provide critical information as to the cause of the alarm and assist in determining the appropriate response by the proper authorities.
The flexibility of digital and network technology enhances security personnel’s ability to protect…
Applications range from complex security solutions that make use of alarm inputs to cause cameras connected to DVR’s or NVR’s to start and stop recording to the smallest system used for remote monitoring of sensitive areas or items.



Advances in technology have created more options for securing building entrances.
Electronic hardware makes is easy to get the right level of security for each opening and to modify it as needed. Building openings can be safeguarded by using any combination of traditional mechanical products, conventional electrified products, software-managed electronic products and emerging biometric products.



Lanmor Services offers several different maintenance contract options. A maintenance contract will help ensure that our customers have consistent fees and regular availability of our services at a cost savings.
By securing a maintenance contract, our customers typically garner savings through the fixed or reduced fees, as well as have Lanmor consistently checking their equipment in order to minimize and/or avoid emergency calls due to equipment failure. In order to accommodate varying needs for our customers, we offer four different maintenance options. Lanmor will also customize a maintenance contract to meet any customer requests.
Bronze Contract: Preventative Maintenance Only
This contract provides our customer with regularly scheduled service visits to check equipment and perform minor adjustments. These contracts can be offered monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually. Please Note: As part of any maintenance contract Lanmor will also assign a discounted labor rate for any work requested that is not covered within contract.
Silver Contract: Preventative Maintenance & Parts
This contract provides the PM services listed in the Bronze Contract, as well as replacement parts on a site specific agreed upon equipment list. Please Note: As part of any maintenance contract Lanmor will also assign a discounted labor rate for any work requested that is not covered within contract.
Gold Contract: Preventative Maintenance, Parts & Associated Labor
This contract provides all services listed in the Bronze and Silver Contracts, as well as the labor to repair and/or replace the parts on the site specific equipment list. Please Note: As part of any maintenance contract Lanmor will also assign a discounted labor rate for any work requested that is not covered within contract.
Service Level Agreements (SLA)
This contract provides a negotiated agreement between Lanmor and our customer. The SLA records a common understanding about services, priorities, responsibilities, guarantees, and warranties. Each area of service scope will have the “level of service” defined. The SLA may specify the levels of availability, serviceability, performance, operation, or other attributes of the service, such as billing. This allows a customer to have set service pricing based on regular hours, after hours and holiday rates, as well as set an expectation of the time frame that services will be provided.



What you have…Keys, Cards, etc This family of physical credentials include: mechanical keys, key fobs, Magnetic strip cards, weigand cards, proximity cards and well as smart cards.
What you know…Codes This type of credential uses personal identification numbers (PIN’s) and passwords to verify identity. This type of credential is frequently used in coordination with a physical credential.
What you are…Biometrics This type of credential verifies identity based on some unique physical or biometric characteristics of the individual. This can include; hand or finger geometry, handwriting, eye pattern, fingerprints, speech, face and various other physical characteristics. These credentials are frequent used in combination with codes.