Lanmor Services, Inc.

Lanmor Services, Inc. began operations in the year 2000. The primary focus of the business in the beginning was installing building security systems. Consistently growing and expanding its offerings year-over-year, Lanmor is now a robust full-service, self-performing security integrator specializing in Card Access, video surveillance, intrusion detection, electrified locking devices, doors, hardware and around-the-clock automation. Lanmor stays on top of emerging technologies, next generation systems and heavily invests in its Technician Training programs. Lanmor offers its clients the best available solutions for building and perimeter safety. Today, Lanmor Services has operations in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.
Lanmor’s success is driven through its leadership and its outstanding employee teams. Broad-based training, product-specific training, along with advanced education classes are provided to all field technicians. Lanmor employs only the best technicians so that each project and service call is completed right the first time, every time and on time. Our customers enjoy our high touch communication, dedicated project management teams and highly skilled, cross-trained technicians. Lanmor has over 200 years of combined security integrator experience within its employee base.


Lanmor Services, Inc. is made up of multiple divisions including Commercial Aftermarket Doors and Electrified Door Hardware sales and service, Commercial Systems, Integration sales and service, and Intrusion / CCTV Systems sales and service. Lanmor has completed multiple unique high-level security system installations for facilities that contain high levels of radioactive material across the United States. These projects have been in conjunction with the Department of Energy to protect these sites from terrorist infiltration. Lanmor’s customer base also includes public utilities, military bases, large and small-scale facility management leaders, general contractors and commercial property management companies.
Lanmor is a one-stop shop where we install and service a wide variety of industrial and commercial door products and systems; mechanical and electrified hardware; automatic operators and sliding doors; access control and security systems including, video surveillance. Lanmor also offers alarm and CCTV monitoring agreements. Our customers enjoy our high touch communication, dedicated project management teams and highly skilled, cross-trained technicians.

Lanmor started out in health care by concentrating on access control and CCTV applications. Over the years, our customers requested more diversified applications and more complex installations. Fulfilling our customer requests required us to expand our offerings and evolve to a full-service integrator.
Today, Lanmor offers a wide range of services to its customers including: single door installation, adding to existing access control systems, and installations that incorporate doors, hardware, access control systems, infant abduction systems and security. Our customer base ranges from a single end user to new construction.
Lanmor also offers standalone consulting, engineering and project management services, plus long-term service and preventative management agreements. Contact us today for a free consultation.