Lanmor has a wide range of custom and standardized solutions available to our customers including:
  • Solution Design & Installation
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Division 8 (Hollow Metal and Aluminum Frames, Doors, Windows and Hardware) and Division 28 (Electronic Safety and Security) fully integrated or standalone solutions
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Preventative Maintenance Contracts
  • Specification Writing
  • Project Management
Lanmor is unique in the access control and security industry because we self-perform the installation of doors, gates, automatic operators, access control systems and security systems. We subcontract very little. Our customers enjoy the value associated with bundling all of these services under one contractor, a single-point-of-contact.
A true Integrator, Lanmor provides fully integrated solutions that will meet your Division 8 and Division 28 specifications for your construction projects. We are unique in the industry because we self-perform all installations, warranty, maintenance and service activities for our customers encompassing both divisions.
We also receive positive feedback on our consistency in Project Manager and Technician scheduling. Our customers like seeing familiar faces and working with the same teams on each project. We all work together to build strong, long-term partnerships with our customers.
We place a high degree of focus on offering our customers the most highly trained technicians. Lanmor sends all of its technicians to multiple technical, product-based training programs. We also offer internal training programs on a regular basis. Further, each Lanmor employee is encouraged and incentivized to seek training that will increase their knowledge and enhance their best practices within their job scope.
Additionally, Lanmor employees strive to put their customers first at all times. Across the organization, each Lanmor employee works to make sure he or she is exceeding their customers’ expectations from the first communication to the installation of our services and throughout the project management process.
The Lanmor project management team has overseen some of the largest and most complex public utility and government projects in The United States. The Lanmor Project Management Team, including 6 Project Managers (PMs) and 4 Project Management Assistants (PMAs).
Areas of specialized knowledge and experience that the Lanmor Team possesses are: high level security integration, including access control (biometrics), perimeter detection and IP video.
The Lanmor project management Team works to achieve customer satisfaction goals through consistency in:
  • Assigning dedicated PMs to same customer from project to project.
  • Communicating proactively and frequently with customers throughout the project.
  • Fostering a collaborative partnership with each customer.
The Lanmor project management team is diverse in talent and experience. When you hire us you get the expertise of seasoned professionals who are experts in custom integration solutions.